Meet the Artist: Brandon Hook

Meet the Artist: Brandon Hook

  1. Where’d it all start?

I began taking photos in college simply as a way of remembering for myself. Before a semester abroad in Yosemite, I bought a camera for the sole purpose of remembering its people and places. As a journalism major who eventually went on to get a Masters in Theology, I was already curious and photography quickly became an expression of my curiosity with people and the world. My camera became another limb, carrying it with me to South Africa, Europe, and the east coast over the last decade while collecting landscape, portrait, and journalistic photos along the way, much like someone might collect and treasure rocks or cards.

  1. Favorite photo you've taken and why?

While traveling in England, I snapped a photo of an older couple crossing the street at dusk in Bath. For some reason, the light, the people, and the movement of the photo always make me nostalgic for the few months I spent living in England.

  1. Where do you want to shoot next?

I’d love to explore and photograph Japan, specifically Tokyo. Japanese culture is so different from the culture I grew up in, and it’s people, places, buildings, and landscapes are so beautiful.

  1. Craziest moment you've had while shooting or traveling for a shoot?

I accidentally left my camera on a plane when traveling to Amsterdam. I had to spend the rest of the trip shooting on my iPhone, which ended up being okay, but it was a huge bummer. I actually ended up getting the camera back, as a nice flight attendant submitted the camera to the Lost & Found at the Amsterdam airport and they shipped it back!

  1. Favorite photographer or artistic inspiration?

Surprisingly, I don’t really study a ton of photographers. I find a lot of inspiration, however, from Steve McCurry’s travel photojournalism work and Irving Penn’s career. McCurry is someone whose style is timeless and work really captures dynamic moments with strong emotional resonance. Penn is someone whose career was on display at a special exhibit at NYC’s MoMA a few years back. I loved seeing his progression into different genres of photography over the course of his career and the ways in which he really captured the personality of figures like Salvador Dali and T.S. Eliot in his portraits.

  1. Favorite book, TV show, or movie from the past year?

Well, it took me like a whole year, but I finally finished Sapiens by Yuval Noah Harari and found it fascinating.

  1. Last meal on earth? (food, setting, people, etc.)

Would have to be all of my closest friends and family enjoying some picanha steak on a grill somewhere along the coast on a day where the weather’s not too hot or cold. Picanha is a Brazilian steak that’s incredible, and you can get it from little mom and pop shops in LA.


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