Meet the Artist: Chris Abatzis

Meet the Artist: Chris Abatzis

  1. Where’d it all start?

I worked in graphic design and layout before so I dealt with photos a lot. That kind of work made me realize how much I am a visual person and what grip images have on me, which in the end led me to photography. It just felt like the most natural thing to me - understanding the magic behind an image and creating it myself. And so far it's never lost its grip on me.

  1. Favorite photo you’ve taken and why?

To be honest I don’t have such a thing. A few years ago I couldn’t even really relate to my photos. It’s a love and hate relationship. Sometimes I find them beautiful, especially when I’m in the process of shooting. The day after I can’t look at them… You know it’s like listening to a recording of your voice, strangely awkward but also intriguing. Luckily I am getting better and better at both. I even started to hang pictures I took in my apartment. Lately, I find myself more and more in situations where I have to talk about my imagery and interact with it, and study it – another daring field!

Find some of the ones I still like here: 

  1. Where do you feel the most inspired?

New surroundings. I need new things around me to create original ideas.

  1. What advice do you wish you could give your younger self?

Nothing. Everything is a process. Be yourself and try to find out what you like and what you’re good at. And if you’re not good at it yet, try again.

  1. Favorite photographer or artistic inspiration?

Constantly changing. Really. To name a few: Ren Hang, Helmut Newton, Anton Corbijn, Marina Denisova, Charlotte Lapalus…

  1. Favorite book, TV show, or movie from the past year?

Unfortunately, I don’t read enough. But what touched me was the book „Nina & Tom“by Tom Kummer who is more known for his legendary Fake Interviews with celebrities.
Not from last year but probably the last TV Show I found outstanding was „Tchernobyl“.

  1. Last meal on earth? (food, setting, people, etc.)

Napoletanean Pizza Margherita and wine with my closest friends. Don’t care where.


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