Meet the Artist: Jonathan McWhorter

Meet the Artist: Jonathan McWhorter

  1. Where’d it all start?

In college, I was studying engineering, and around the same time, I happened to pick up a camera for the first time. I went to a race with friends and really made an effort to try and take “good” photos, something that would be different than what the guy next to me might get. I had a 16MB memory card on a borrowed camera and had to be VERY deliberate with my keepers. I really enjoyed being creative, and at the same time realized that I didn’t want engineering to be the rest of my life. Without much of an idea on *how*, I decided that summer to pursue photography and leave the engineering to someone else.

  1. Favorite photo you've taken and why?

It might sound like a cop-out, but I’m answering via text so I can answer how I want to. When I think of a favorite photo, it’s hard to land on one, but the ones I always go back to are photos of my family or people that I care about.

  1. Where do you want to shoot next?

The 24 Hours of Le Mans - I’ve always enjoyed racing. That is what got me into photography. To follow a team at one of the toughest races in the world would be a dream. I tend to look for the intimacy in things- the little moments. I love the challenge of taking something so epic and legendary like the 24 Hours of Le Mans and finding the intimate/small moments.

  1. Craziest moment you've had while shooting or traveling for a shoot?

In early 2020, right before everything was shut down, I made a last-minute decision to go shoot the Rolex 24 Hours at Daytona. I made the decision days before the race and I drove down to Florida from Atlanta overnight for the start of the race. I slept in my car and shot as much of the race as I possibly could over the next 24 hours, then turned around and drove back home after it was all done! I ended up producing what I feel like is one of my most comprehensive bodies of work to this point.

  1. Favorite photographer or artistic inspiration?

Andreas Gursky. Geometry and shapes in photography resonate pretty strongly with me. He was one of the first photographers I had seen that pushed this to an extreme, and since then I’ve taken a lot of notice of shapes and lines in my own work.

  1. Favorite book, TV show, or movie from the past year?

Ted Lasso! I don’t watch a whole lot of TV, but every now and then something will get its hooks in me. Ted Lasso, the main character (spoiler) quickly became one of my all-time favorite characters.

  1. Last meal on earth? (food, setting, people, etc.)

Cheeseburger with lettuce, tomato, onion, mustard, light on the Mayo, and TOASTED BUNS. @ me about it and we can have a conversation about why you’re wrong. Also, I’d be grilling myself. Something about standing next to a grill holding a beer is irreplaceable. It is *so* choice, if you have the means, I highly recommend it. And of course, surrounded by the people that I care about.


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