Meet the Artist: Nicolas Quiniou

Meet the Artist: Nicolas Quiniou

    Where’d it all start?
    Well, it started when I was younger, maybe like 12 years old. I got the Olympus analog camera from my grandparents. And then during the pandemic, back at my parents’ place, I had a lot of time to myself and I ended up finding this Olympus camera in the drawer, which I had totally forgotten about. And on vacation between the pandemic waves, I used one roll and the results were amazing. Until that, I used to use a digital camera and I was like, okay, I’m going to just start from now, I’m going to shoot on film. And I started this project and my page and everything. Basically, my analog project started in 2020 and here I am. 


    Favorite photo you’ve taken and why?
    My favorite photo is actually from this first roll. It’s a photo I call The Wave. It was taken on Ischia Island in Italy. When I saw the result, I was not expecting that at all. I just shot at that wave coming into my friend by the pool. You just have that wave coming through him and I just love this capture and people love it as well. Yeah, it’s my favorite one to date.


    Where do you want to shoot next?
    Next, my project is to go back to the United Arab Emirates because I used to live there. I have this project where I want to show them both sides of Dubai and the Emirates, of, like, the glitzy and basically what you would expect about Dubai and the Emirates, and the other side of it, the authentic side, because there is an authentic side of it, capturing locals and capturing the old parts of Dubai, which I used to hang out in a lot. And, yeah, that’s the project. It’s something a bit different from my seaside photos.


    Craziest moment you've had while shooting or traveling for a shoot?
    It was actually in Dubai. It was when I used to shoot on digital. I was hanging out with these photographers and we used to go on the these rooftops of skyscrapers. We basically went through security and then they went after us. It was like a hide-and-seek game on top of the building. Actually, we ended up having the police coming to us. So it was quite intense.


    Favorite photographer or artistic inspiration?
    Slim Aarons. It will always be forever inspiration. I love what he’s been doing in all the places he’s been. He actually has a few pictures taken in where I am now. And two others are Pia Riverola. I think she’s based in LA. You can link her profile also. So it’s P-I-A R-I-V-E-R-O-L-A. And there is a photographer that I used to hang out with in Dubai. His name is Aqib Anwar. His handle is gibsterg. So these are the three people that are often inspirations to me.


    Favorite book, TV show, or movie from the past year?
    Well, not a book or a movie, but I used to spend so much time on true crime stories. I’m a big fan of true crime stories. I always like to mention Tiger King from last year. I’m actually on the second season now. But it’s what I call the TV show You Never Knew You Need It. The light and the atmosphere it gets was a good transition from what we were living. 


    Last meal on earth? (food, setting, people, etc.)
    Oh, just simply some good In-N-Out burgers with some Bordeaux wine on a beach in French Polynesia with friends.


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