Meet the Artists: Carla & Joel

Meet the Artists: Carla & Joel

    Where’d it all start?
    I (Carla) started my photographic journey fairly traditionally at school and university with film and dark rooms, relishing in the process of creating and discovering through every step. For Joel on the other hand, it was a slow burn and a love that grew over time once I began to also dabble in digital photography for our former travel and lifestyle blog. Our unique combination of traditional and modern styles gives our work a timeless, natural feel.


    Favorite photo you’ve taken and why?
    Our favourite photo we have taken is actually one that is available with Midnight Station, Lake Life in B&W. It’s one of those rare times where the absolute magic of a location, the weather and the emotions all collide to create something that is truly transportive. To be able to appreciate the many layers both geographically and culturally of Lake Como through this glimpse of Bellagio is something we will always treasure.


    Where do you feel the most inspired?
    Traveling anywhere in the world is always inspiring and something we truly value. If we were to pick one place that provided us with never ending inspiration, in would be Lake Como, Italy.


    What advice do you wish you could give your young self?
    To embrace insecurity and a future not yet known because there will always be something amazing to discover and learn.


    Favorite photographer or artistic inspiration?
    Jamie Beck, an American photographer that moved to Provence for a year but decided to stay! Her still life photography is emotive and enigmatic, a nod to the Renaissance Masters in a modern time.


    Favorite book, TV show, or movie from the past year?
    The Offer, an incredibly addictive look into a moment in history that significantly shaped pop culture for many generations to come.


    Last meal on earth? (food, setting, people, etc.)
    We both agree that if we were to have only one last meal then it would have to be the pesto pasta at da Giorgio in San Fruttuoso, Italy. We would be hard pressed to find something more magical than sitting on the cliff edge together, overlooking the glittering turquoise water (after a swim of course!) with the most incredible bowl of Trofie al Pesto.